gail mahon

Artist, maker and mover.

Gail Mahon is an artist and researcher based between Northern Ireland and London travelling to develop projects across installation, ceramic sculptures, performance actions and other interdisciplinery collaborations. Mahon often draws focus from corporeality within body theory and post-structuralisms; of ‘bodies’ as material, becoming and in constant state change - unmaking and remaking, unfolding permutations of the physiochemical, organic and anthropomorphisms wrapped up in material culture making speculations of mediating changes in environments and ourselves.

Mahon’s practice leads knowledge of the ceramic process with found object assemblages and material experiments to play the wider kinetic interplays and physical actions that unfold during the process of states and transformation over time. Producing installations, objects, photography and experimental interactions become activated in correspondance to location and persons in situ: studio, natural or industrial environments, private and public spaces where the temporary and fixitivity of those elements are constantly shifting, operating around or through the object rather than the object positioned central to the works. Mapping those disparate fragments of new and ancient landscapes - clay and ceramics reform to become carriers of the collapsed social and political spaces caught between the natural environment, post-industrial landscapes and our domestic situations of our own construction.

The cause and effect: in us, through us and around us draws the possibilities of materiality as permeable and felt; where we meet materials on their own terms, complicit in the residual and momentary interactions. Mahon speculates the slippages in our immediate futures and reflects on residual traces we leave behind, somehow asking questions of us over entropy and the distablised self while anchors in physical process and practice slowly untether.

Having previously shown work in Ireland, Italy, U.K and China, she has recently completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London. She also works collaboratively across various projects as lead artist in CAAKE, collaborative group with other visual artists, makers and performers and develops site specific exhibitions and residencies in Northern Ireland as collective member in MAK9. Recent shows include Two Hundred Acres, Pumphouse Gallery, London and the British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent and the Lucanio Benetton ‘Imago Mundi’ Collection, Italy.