gail mahon

Artist, maker, and mover.

Gail Mahon studio is based in Northern Ireland, often develops projects across installation, ceramic sculptures, performance actions, and other interdisciplinary collaborations. Mahon often draws focus from corporeality within the body as material space of transformation, as soft matter in becoming and in constant states of change - unmaking and remaking, unfolding the physiochemical, organic, and anthropomorphisms relationships of material culture as we shift and adapt to social-ecological change.

Mahon’s practice leads with knowledge of the ceramic-mineral process with found object assemblages in material experiments with kinetic interplays and physical actions that unfold the states of transformation extended over slower geological timescales. Producing installations, objects, photography, and experimental interactions, they become activated in as physical relationship to space and time. Mapping space of mineral exchange, as a spatial practice, arises new and ancient landscapes where clay and ceramics reform to become carriers of social and political spaces caught between the natural environment, post-industrial landscapes, and the domestic situations of our own construction.

Having previously shown work in Ireland, Italy, U.K, and China, she has recently completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London. She also works collaboratively across various projects as the founder in CAAKE, collaborative group with other visual artists, makers and performers to develops site-specific exhibitions and residencies in Northern Ireland. Recent shows include Litumustone InVit(r)o at Verbals Arts Centre, Derry-Londonderry, In Search of the Vernacular, Thameside Studios Gallery, London, and Dissolving Histories: New Narratives, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast.