Artist, maker, and mover.

Gail Mahon resides and works along the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. Her work as an artist-researcher and movement educator creates space to experiment with materiality informed by both molecular and earth-scaled substructures; an awareness within the human body adapting to new social and ecological conditions.

Research into bioarchaeology, a difference between living and dead bone, opens bio-political spaces and physical integrity widens the discussion as a transient agency, shifting beyond small anthropocentric categorisation into bigger subterranean connections that move through the entanglements between our earth-ceramic-bone ecologies.

Sound and movement increasingly activate her concerns to resonate darkened or silenced knowledge contained within our own bio-architectures that arises from shadowed unconscious undercurrents in Posthumanism, New Materialism, and Animism used to test the edges of knowledge or practice through precision, intuition, and interaction.

Close attention to residual markings of human and nonhuman presence draws upon tacit-kinesthesia; a physicality of knowledge inherent in the making and unmaking of ceramic-mineral process. Combining these residues with elements of larger architectural latex castings, hand-built ceramic sculptures with ephemera of raw clay, bone, minerals, hair, salts, sound, and physical drawings, capture intensive movement patterns or gesture subtle surface changes over time.

Divinations and activations in physiochemistry, within the installation works - bring together ceramics, performance, photography, time-based and collaborative works to reflect both somatic and spatial resonances as potent social meditations with concerns of art, health, and ecology. A liminal space to circle the collapses and hybridisms unfolding in current contested times of the Anthropocene.

Shortlisted for the V&A ceramics residency 2016. A recipient of several Arts Council Northern Ireland Awards 2015, 2012 and 2009, most recent Artist Resilience Award in 2020.

Recent exhibitions include Litumustone InVit(r)o at Verbal Arts Centre, Derry-Londonderry, 'In Search of the Vernacular', Thameside Studios Gallery, London, and Dissolving Histories: New Narratives', Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast and performances with CAAKE project during ECHO ECHO Dance Theatre Festival, 2019.

Gail Mahon has been awarded a Creative Exchange Residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland, with sound artist/ producer Aengus Friel in July-August, (postponed until summer 2021) in the development of a new performance installation event.